Hello, my name is Howard Carter. I do taxidermy because I love the art of recreating nature.  My goal as a taxidermist is to provide you with the highest quality possible.

Not only did I learn the art of taxidermy from some of the best taxidermists in the country, I compete and have received awards in shows in Virginia and North Carolina so that I can improve the quality of the trophy I hand back to you.  I keep up with the latest advances in the industry which results in you getting the most anatomically correct and visually appealing specimen and not just a dead animal in your showroom.

I began my love of the outdoors with my first big bass (big to me at 3.5lbs) at 8 years old. Then I shot my first deer (A lucky 19" wide 8 pointer) at 12 years old.  A friend and I did a man-drive and he came crashing out of a thicket right next to me.  I started dog hunting at 14 and realized the excitement of the woods closing in on you as the dogs got closer.

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